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Hello everyone,

Has anyone attended or graduated from Provo College?

I'm from California, and I'm considering moving to Provo if I can get into the RN program and avoid the long wait here!


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I'll graduate in 09. I've liked the program pretty well so far. Small class ratio. My only challenge is that some of the students in the class haven't been in school for awhile, and struggle with rules/regulations/load so it has a tendency to bring things to a slower pace on occasion.

I really like the instructors--a lot. They are really helpful and personable.

The cost is ridiculous, but I think it's the only real viable option other than SLCC here in Utah for ADRN. It is the only one with regional accreditation. Last year they had a 100% pass rate for the NCLEX, and though they have a smaller sample size, they have a better pass rate.

I'd recommend it if you can afford it--not that any of us can really afford it :) There is pretty good job placement after the preceptorship, and I like the immediate clinical focus we get in our first semester. You do need your CNA BEFORE you apply.

Hope this helps, if you want to talk more about it let me know


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Provo college is too expensive for what the students have to put up with. One of the instructors walked out in the middle of a semester. They are really understaffed. The 2 instructors they have are nice, but I feel like I am not getting a good education. It is way too much money. :no:I will probably get my LPN and leave to another school for my RN.


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Look into Weber State University they have a great ADN program.


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My experience at Provo College differs somewhat from the posting above. One instructor left midway in the last term, but no classes or clinicals were missed and the information was provided to us. I can't really blame the program for one instructor's situtation or actions. I also believe that they have not only replaced this instructor, but added an additional one. All of the instructors here have a reputation of being excellent (I know their pass rates for licensure are at the top in the state) although their styles are different. The college is small enough to feel comfortable and like you are important; they know who you are. I agree, it is expensive, but I know of Provo College graduates making much more in their first year of nursing than the cost of the entire program. I would encourage anyone looking at a program in Utah to look at P.C. But, you must be prepared to study and work hard. This is probably true of any nursing program. Hope this helps!


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I am wondering how competetive it is to get into Provo college. Do any of you know?

PC Info.

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Dear CNAUT, suggest you call the admissions representative at the college ask for the Nursing Department, she'll help you out. Many of the students in the program have transferred from other colleges with waiting lists and were able to get in. The higher the grades on the prerequisite courses and some "care-giving" experience, and the better you score on an admissions test (math, sciences, reading, etc), the better your chances for acceptance. It's not only looking at GPA, but they interview students and assess dedication and other attributes. Also, they require that you have a CNA first, so if you live up to your name, you're on your way.:nurse: The number of students accepted increased to 50 students this year, from half that number before. Hope this helps!


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Thanks for the quick response. I am almost finished with all of my pre reqs, one more semester. I am having the hardest time trying to work full time and be a mom and do well in school. I am definatly willing to pay the extra money to get the ball rolling. Unfortunatly I have a few blemishes on my transcript which I know will most likely affect my ability to get into Weber State or DATC. I am hopeful that a private school may be more forgiving. Does anyone know if they look at your whole GPA or just the GPA of the pre reqs? I have two bad grades unrelated to the coursework required for nursing school from a short stint in college when I was young and too stupid to realize what I was doing to myself. As far as the pre reqs go I have all A's and B's and a C+ in anatomy, I really don't want to retake that class, but figure I may have to. I am supposed to go to an info session at UCC and Ameritech, but am not sure I understand the consequences of them not being NLNAC accredited. Any info in this department would be appreciated. Thank you so much!


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If I were you I would try to do a BSN program either at BYU or at UVU. ADN nursing programs, like at SLCC, can take 4-5 years, just for a 2 year degree. Plus, research has shown that when hospitals have 60% of their nurses with BSN's, their failure to rescue rate drops significantly.

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