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I am a new grad, passed my Nclex and just received my license in the mail yesterday. Praise the Lord.

Heres my question. . . .what information does anyone suggest I could get to keep me updated on how to protect myself and my license against lawsuits, charting errors, documation, standards of care. . . .just all of that. . . .also how do I found about what is required for continuing education in my state and other states?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. God Bless.:)

One thing I would recommend is: look into seminars offered for CEU's (continuing education), which some states require for maintaining licensure. I've been told the ones on documentation are very helpful.

I would also send off for a copy of your Nurse Practice Act for Illinois. (Check State Board for this).

Make sure you follow your policy & procedure manual where you work.

You will have to contact your State Board of Nursing for Illinois to find out what is required for continuing education for your license.



Get a copy of your state board regulations and opinions on practice. My malpractice carrier (and YES I recommend it) sends me a newsletter periodically with legal pitfalls. Go to any seminar/workshops you can find on legalities of nursing practice.

When you give a copy of your license to your employer, be sure you write VOID over the face of it. Believe it or not, some folks actually pretend to be nurses using stolen ID.

Oh, and welcome to the family of Nurses.


Congratulations on your new license, Faith.

I strongly encourage you to obtain .

You may be told that your employer will cover you but may not be aware that you could be countersued by that very employer.

Take every opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills.

Best wishes in your new career.


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Welcome to the profession and our BB. You have received great advice from the above posters and will do well as you've asked a question many nurses fail to consider.

Information re all states nursing licensure can be found at:

Link for Illinois web Site:

Come back to the BB any time for advice, support, venting, new info or a dose of hummor.


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