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Hi, so in 2021 I was arrested for a DWI. I don't know my exact BAC yet, but I know it was below a .15 because I was offered pre-trial diversion which means by the time I am applying to the BON for a declaratory order I will have a dismissed DWI charge on my record. The caveat is that I did crash my car into a curb which is listed in the arresting report as "city property.” I have spoken to an attorney, but I couldn't get a grasp of what my chances really are of being approved by the BON. I am not a usual drinker, and the depression and humiliation of this incident has made me sure I will never repeat my mistake again. My question is does anyone else have experience with the TX BON, and what are my real odds of getting a nursing license? Also will schools accept me with what at that point will be a 3-year-old DWI? I have a 4.0 in pre reqs and a 3.79 overall from my first bachelors degree. Thanks for any feedback. 

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You can still apply just don't lie on your application if you've been convicted say so when asked. I had a DWI in 2006 and was licensed In nursing 2013. Don't give up!  All they do is ask for paperwork. You'll still pass background with it. 

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The fact that your charge will show DWI dismissed will go a long way in your favor.  The school will accept you.  However, your concerns will be clinical site acceptance, ATT, and granting of licensure.

I worked for the BON in another state.  Just be upfront about everything and when you give your written statement, PLEASE be brief and to the point.

Best of luck.

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