Pros / Cons of APN vs. RN

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Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of being an APN over an RN?

I could either do a direct entry MSN, or get a 2nd degree BSN followed by an MSN.

I'm interested in getting an MSN (I haven't set on the area yet, but possibly in acute care on anesthesia based on how I lost a relative), but I want to know what I'm getting into and that the extra cost & schooling is worth it. If not, I'll just get the 2nd Degree BSN vs. the direct entry MSN.

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APNs can be sued for the actions of those with not quite as much or different education. Sometimes APNs delegate things to RNs or CNAs or LPNs, if they work through a physician's office. Sometimes APNs provide "supervision" for Social Workers. Any time an APN delegates or "supervises" (I put that in quotes because that's the legal term, not necessarily meaning the APN is watching each and every thing the SW does) he or she can be sued for anything the other person does.

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