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I can't remember if I read this or someone mentioned it. Most people who go into nursing had traumatic experiences in life. Or in a disfunctional family and had to take a caregiver role early in life. And go into nursing to take on the caregiver role again for some fullfillment. Anyone with info on this.

My family put the "fun" in dysFUNctional! Could that be the reason that I chose nursing as my profession and why I want to be a psych nurse:D

My family too. My father looking back was bipolar alcoholic. manic, thought people were chasing him. During that time (80's), we were taken in by his notion that he was being followed. believe it or not he had his good days, but when he had bad day(s) weeks ect. it was bad. He committed suicide when I was 19. I was the eldest and in a way took care of everyone including my mother at times. stood up for my mom when my father would get enraged about the empty bread wrappers with bread heals in the bread box. it was really dysFUNctional:) I can actually see why sometimes I do the things I do. One thing I have learned it is easy to rationalize everything that you do to yourself. It is so easy to lie to yourself, and you actually believe it. I got a full dose of living in a situation that I considered normal, but others would cringe at. No I question my wanting to go into nursing. I have always wanted to. But to look at my past and see that it comes into play as why I want to go into nursing, or at least having something to do with my choice. maybe maybe not:)

I'm not sure why I chose nursing. The only thing I remember was thinking about it because my dad's cousing was my school nurse and I really liked her (got me out of allot of classes with a "headache"!! LOL!!)

My family was also dysfunctional, but my sister was the abused one, not me. I had to get between her and my father several times when things blew up. It got allot worse for her after I left and moved across the country. So maybe you are right. I was pretty much predisposed to taking care of others. Something to think about anyway!!

You know us nurses..."Enablers are Us"!

Boy, Janleb your situation sounds like mine except my mom was the bi polar alcoholic and I had no father around....just whatever guy was around at the time. I did have a brother and sister to take care of as well. It was hard and my mother is still living, she attempted suicide a couple of times and almost suceeded once. She is still the same, well not quite. It got really bad and I refused to allow her to treat me that way. We hadn't spoken in almost two years when she showed up at my sons ballgame yesterday. She seems to be doing quite well...I am 31 and I have a sister that lives at home who is 13 now. We spoke in a civil manner and my children went to see her today. I'm a little scared, but my sister is there to watch out for them. I know I am rambling, but it is a hard thing to talk about. I had thought that she would not make me feel bad anymore and she just showed back up so I am a bit rattled....thanks for listening

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