what programs for feild Oasis?

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What programs are there for the Oasis in the feild? I have no idea where to start even looking or what its called. I just want my paper oasis online so i can "lock it" before i leave the pts home!!!


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there are many programs that do point of service charting, the problem is the cost. try a search at NAHHC, or google it. The last agency I worked with had a system with the acronym GLMY- great lakes..... Sorry, I'm in private duty and we don't do OASIS, etc.--- Much easier on the nurses.

The Agency nurse had laptops that had oasis loaded and they had a pen that they used to fill the dot. They uploaded to the office computer server,and data was sent to CMS and intermediary each day/ week/ whatever. They did not maintain paper charts, so when survey time came they had to retrieve and print all the medical records, the surveyors won't look at a computer screen!!!


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I can't answer your question since we still do paper charting. I realize it creates lots more time since the nurse has to take a pen to the whole thing and then the office staff has to input it. But, I don't know that I would like computer charting with the Oasis. Normally I don't do the Oasis on my visit. I write down things that I know I will need to remember on a piece of paper and usually fill the Oasis out at home. That way I have time to really think about the dx, and go over any other medical records that may have come with the admission. By being input by someone else, it is checked over before it is submitted. Plus it seems awful cumbersome to carry a laptop into a home- I already have enough junk. And I think it kind of takes away from the patient interaction. The way I look at it, the patient wants me there for as little time as necessary. In that time I am going to provide the care or the teaching that needs to be done- focusing totally on the patient the whole time. I would feel uncomfortabel working on a computer in someone else's home. Just my opinion. I have never done this but I think that is how I would feel. Anyone else who loves the Oasis on computer in the home?


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