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Where do you think the future of start-up businesses are going towards?

  1. 1. Where do you think the future of start-up businesses are going towards?

    • Home care
    • Nursing agencies and recruiters
    • Nursing Informatics
    • Nurse Consulting
    • Educator

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Where is the future of health care business going as far as for start-up companies and home-based businesses?

MrChicagoRN, RN

Specializes in Leadership, Psych, HomeCare, Amb. Care. Has 30 years experience.

Entrepreneur - Start, run and grow your business. and other business magazines may be able to provide you solid data. There is going to be growth in all those areas, except possibly agencies and recruiters. But even that may change in the next in the next 5-10 years as we all age, and workers retire.

what interests You?

Informatics has high growth near term and high profit potential, but any service that will minimize hospital stays or outcomes is bigger (which does include constructive use of collected and relevant information). Billions have already been made in the last two years in preparation/deployment of profitable ACA strategies and there will be billions more. Actual delivery of care outside the hospital will also be big but more of a grind rather than fast bucks. Getting rich slowly is cool too!

I didn't bother with your poll because it looks like you want to know about larger trends, and your answers appear geared to a single worker. Education? Let's be serious.


I agree that there may be growth in all areas in the healthcare sector. I am seeing a trend of more preventive care measures, hospital closings, and an increase in urgent centers.