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  1. dbricson

    First RN Job in Float Pool?

    If I apply for my first job in the Medical Float Pool at a large, major hospital in my state, will I sink or be able to swim after the 3-month orientation? I've heard it's a great experience to float. But as a new grad, what are your thoughts?
  2. dbricson

    Fall Risk Assessment

    When assessing a client's fall risk, is that risk considered a musculoskeletal concern or neurological concern?
  3. dbricson

    Method to memorize electrolytes?

    Hello, this summer I wanted to dedicate myself to gaining an automatic memory recall of abnormal electrolytes. For example, when I hear the word hypocalcemia, instantly knowing the s/s, diagnostics, implication, etc. Anyone have a tried and true way to help memorize all the details about hypo/hyper-electrolye-emias, including their numeric values? Obviously yes, memorization is the way, but does anyone have any specific or unique tactics that have helped them in the process? Thanks.
  4. dbricson

    Mental Health ATI Meds

    Hello, I am wondering, for those who have taken the Mental Health ATI, when it comes to the medication content, how specific are the questions? Do they ask about specific drug modes of action (like explaining how MAOIs act in the synapse)? Really any tips on how to study the medications for this ATI would be appreciated.