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I've heard different opinions on the ability of some RN's to get along with other nursing professionals. Stress is a part of everyday life, no doubt there's plenty in medicine.

Every one of us has a preference (or bias) about who we would prefer to work with. Has anyone experienced advantages or disadvantages in working with nurses of either gender? What do you like most about working with others? What are the challenges? Has anyone found success in difficult personnel situations that would help the rest of us?


Gender has never been a issue for me, some people are just harder to work with than others.


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I really don't think it's about gender, but more about personality and culture. I've worked in both male- and female-dominated work environments, and they both come with their ups and downs.

One thing I find that helps me when the "air" is negative is putting on my blinders and focusing on MY patients and what I need to get done. I tune out the negativity and don't let it get to me. I often find that by doing this, when I come in to chaos, I leave a reasonably calm unit, at least from my POV.


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I agree with all the above. The personality is the most important part of getting along. There will always be a lot of negativity in any profession at different times, the important thing is to think of the patient. You will find who you can trust and get along with, and that is very important. Networking and trusting colleagues helps the job out so much. Base your decisions on personality, and stay away from those that are constantly negative.

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