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professional development paper


I need to write a professional development paper for class. The topic is Advanced Practice Nurses and Patient Outcomes. Anyone help me get started, like with ideas and sources of information? I greatly appreciate it.

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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The best guide you will find for writing your paper will be the grading rubric or assignment description. That will tell you exactly what the instructor is looking for in the paper; we can only guess. Other than that, there is a wealth of resources available: your school's library (most likely with CINAHL or another medical/nursing geared article search), Google Scholar, and while I certainly don't advocate using it as a source but rather as a way to find sources, Wikipedia (the articles used as citations).

If you go to Google Scholar and search exactly this as given:

("advanced practice nurses" OR NP OR ANP OR "nurse practitioner" OR "nurse practitioners") AND (outcomes OR "patient outcomes")

you'll get lots and lots of things.