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Hi all,

I would like to seek advice. I graduated in 2009 and got my license in 2010. It has already expired, my ID is lost as well. Anyways, I havent practiced nor worked as a nurse after I graduated, as in no experience in the hospital at all. Now, I'm thinking I wanted to work in the hospital but where do I start? Will I still get accepted? I have forgotten the skills and all, just stock knowledge. Need help.

You will need to complete a comprehensive refresher course. Without that there is absolutely no chance you will get hired into a hospital as a nurse. Even with one you will likely struggle because you never worked as a nurse. You also need to come up with a well thought out, reasonable explanation for the circumstances that resulted in you never practicing as a nurse for such an extended period of time.

Also, not sure what your BON requires to reinstate your license. You may want to look that up first.

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To put it bluntly: You are not safe to practice in a hospital or any other environment.

As PP have stated, you need a comprehensive refresher (if not a return to school) and your BON may require to retake NCLEX (I saw this recently in a similar situation in my state).

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