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Procrasinating with studying


I am doing Anatomy and Physiology I (lab included) and intro to psych(online)

I spend ALOT more time studying for my A&P class than psych--ok I don't spend no time with psych--but I am maintaining a B in that class.

ok, see that's my problem--I am getting off track-I don't know if my mind is just on overload or what, but this past week because of snow, we haven't had class and I haven't been utilizing my time efficiently with studying in my A&P class. I am going to be taking a huge test in my lecture class on Monday and another huge quiz in my lab(bones)--I am stressing out about them both--I feel like I have been slacking off this past week when I could of been studying more. I do want to say that I have a full-time job, family---yadi-ya. So it wasn't like I was a complete slacker.

so after that whole pity party you just read--have you ever slacked off? how do you get your mind back in the game? just jump back on that horse I assume? Lol

Just imagine the consequences if you should fail. That should be your immediate response to finding yourself gathering wool. Make yourself some kind of motivational poster and put it where you can easily see it at your study place. Procrastination may be fun at the time, but it turns into a bad scene before you know it.

krrbrr, ADN

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I have pretty much always struggled with procrastination, but have learned some ways over time to overcome it.

The first thing I always have to ask myself when I realize I'm procrastinating is... "what am I doing in place of what I SHOULD be doing?" Figuring out what my distractions are, whether it's TV, the internet, video games, friends, etc. really helps me to use those relaxing activities as rewards instead of just wasting my time with them. If you don't already, make sure you have a place to study and write out a schedule somewhere for what your studying goals for the week are. You can use the items that distract you as rewards for completing tasks!

Sometimes there is a lot more to procrastination than you think, but in the end it only causes more anxiety and last minute "oh crap" moments that leave you less than an hour to study for a major test which is never a good idea.

Hang in there and good luck to you, YOU CAN DO THIS! ;)

The number one behavior modification that has helped me with procrastinating is I made a rule for myself. That rule is if it's something I don't want to do, especially if I feel it's particularly daunting, I have to do it right away. This eliminates the anxiety and stress from procrastinating. Remember: you don't have to feel like doing something, you just have to do it.