Processing Total Joint Trays

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The people in CS are processing and wrapping 100 trays most Sundays,and almost as many during the week. Usuall 2 people work on this. It is causing bad shoulders,backs and a lot of heavy work. The trays were very heavy so the Reps broke them down and now even more trays. Any solutions. I took a small table down yesterday and asked the tech to try wrapping on it. Maybe move the table as she wrapped instead of moving the tray. Are their any special wraps that a tray can be put in and sealed without time consumming wrapping. Help. I was glad to give up scrubbing totals due to lifting and positioning heavy trays.

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I got nothin. Have no idea how to help! joint trays are just a hassle!

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I believe either aesculap or case medial make containers specifically for orthodox trays. I have seen them before but just not Sure which company it is.

They may want to watch their body mechanics too. I have wrapped thousands of trays with no ill effects.

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Why can't they go into Genesis pans?

The inst come in their own trays.I dont think they would fit into genesis. Anyway the hospital couldnt purchase that many trays. I guess theres no way to make it easier. I wish the Docs would decide to use one system,and the hosp would purchase that.The inst are brought in the day before.

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What you are talking about is the norm across the country. Nothing going on in your place That's any different.

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