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Procal testing

Anyone had their first procal test yet? I am first year, first semester, and they told us today to start looking over our books b/c our tests will be coming shortly.

Not yet. Classes just started the 25th. We could only practice during that week. We have until the 11th of September to pass with 100%. They gave us the chapters we needed to focus on a couple of days ago. I had been going through the book chapter by chapter, but I went ahead and skipped to the chapters that they said we needed to know. I just finished reading today, so I'll keep practicing and then try and take my test this coming week.


We have to pass with 100% too. Our program hasn't given us any specific chapters to look over yet. I hope they do before it gets too late. Were you guys allowed/given practice tests? I would love for you to comment back to me after you take your first one, and give me a idea of what to expect. I hope you get your 100% with all the ease in the world.

We were given access to the ProCal website and they have practice tests for us to take. The school is paying for our access to the ProCal site, so we had to sign up with our school email addy in order to not be kicked off the site.

I don't know if it would help or not, but I could PM you the chapters we were told to study for our first semester test. We're using the Math for Med Dosages book to study from. Like I said though, you may be covering different stuff on your first test. I guess you could always ask your instructor what information you need to know for the test.

I'll let you know how it goes after I take my first test. I want to practice some more before I take it. I kind of wish they did an actual class on it instead of just telling you to cover these chapters. Or barring that, let us know ahead of time what material we'll be tested on instead of within two weeks of when we have to take the test by. It's hard to fit it in with all the other reading, but so very important.


gaajr1, RN

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This is my first semester and we were required to take our math test in July and get 100%. They recommended us to buy Procal CD and practice at home. Well, I can tell you that the test was in the same format as the CD, no surprises.

Our instructor encourages us to do the problems twice in order to eliminate any errors. For example, if we had 20 questions, finish 1 to 20 and again do it once more without looking at the answers you got the first time. Then compare and see if they match, if not, work the ones you got wrong. That way, it's a sure shot.

I can understand your anxiety but remember to be calm. The usual errors are in rounding, dividing etc and not the method itself.

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