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:cry:i have been thinking of this problem for a week now and its giving me headache! i can say that it is an opportunity to have 2 jobs especially in this crisis but im torn if im going to quit on my 1st one because it will conflict my schedule on the new one. the 1st job i had is not in a hospital and the 2nd one is in a hospital setting. some friends told me that i was lucky to get

the 2nd job especially there is a massive flood of new grads here. i would really want to work in a hospital to further sharpen my skills but i cant also leave the 1st job coz its the job who gave me the chance to work even if im a new grad. by the way, the 1st job is im PRN but i worked 3x/week and the 2nd one will be FT.


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How is it that you got hired for a second job that conflicts with the hours of your first job? You were in control of telling the new employer of your availability. The choice you need to make at this point probably is to give precedence to the FT job over the PRN job. Tell the PRN job that your availability must coincide with your FT job. PRN jobs almost always come second on the list to a FT job. Congratulations on having two jobs now and on one of them being in a hospital. You are so very lucky!


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Cali summed it up pretty nicely. FT takes priority of PRN. Especially in your case since it is a hospital job, which you wanted. I understand your desire to remain loyal to the employer that first gave you the opportunity, but in the end you should look out for your own best interests, I think.


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you only need one things happen all the time like this trust me i had two jobs and they about killed me they also had conflicting times but i didnt want to leave my first job because i was attached as u are now. u have to think about ur health in this situation and choose the best one make a list for each for good and bad and pick one.

you are all right that FT must be the priority over the PRN. i hope they will give me the schedule ASAP in the hospital and i wish it wont have a conflict with the 1st one. i would really wanted to do both. aarrrgh.

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