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Problems at the door?

I had a complete nervous break down last week. Everyone says it was probably stress. Had a talk with a higher up. Was basically told if I needed t talk to talk about it, he was there, but I can't just do that in front of people. Asked me what was wrong. I have NO idea what was wrong. Woke up that morning all jittery and feeling like the world was falling apart. Was fine the night before. Explained all this to him. It was fine. Kept feeling jittery and funny for the rest of the week. But can't afford to go to a doctor (insurance only covers ER visits I found out, which is making me thikn of droping the insurance b/c our hospital is non-prophit).

Well, to make a long story short, I've been told by others (not the guy, luckly), who heard about what happened. And they all have this attitude that once you walk into work, you're suppose to leave your problems at the door. Now, first off, I've NEVER been able to detach myself that easily when I'm having problems. I can usually COPE well enough to get though the day until I can go back to crying at home (or at least have a good one durring lunch when no one can see). Secondly, I don't know WHAT my problem was (still is, since I havne't completely gotten over it, really, particularly b/c everyone keeps talking about it even after I've stated repeated that I don't want to), so how could I "leve it at the door" anyway?

How does anyone else deal with problems like these?

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Sounds like you need to get a psych consult. Get some help. It sucks being where you are, I have been there, and every time I try to quit taking my antidepressants I end up right back there. So take care of yourself and find a way to see someone.

You are working in a stressful environment. People who are COMPLETELY able to detach are not as healthy as you think. Our facility offers employee assistance program for counseling, free for the first few visits (which may be all you need). I recommend seeing someone to get to the root of this.

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