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PRN work in North AL


Hello all,

I am an LPN with about 7 years experience. I have worked in the ER, doc's office, health dept, and school system. My question is, I will be moving to north AL from Middle Tennessee soon. I would like to here any advice you guys have on getting a part time/PRN job. All I want to do is work 1-2 days a week. Any ideas would great. Thansk!


I have been looking for a job for about 4 month and so for no luck. It seems like nobody is hiring but for you it might be diffrent since you have experince. Just don't give up and keep applying but I did see a lot of PRN jobs.

Good luck and I am sure you will find a job!!!!!!!!

I heard Dr. Khan's office was looking for an LPN to work 8-1 M-F in Huntsville. Probably more hours than you want, but I thought I'd toss it out there.

Hi VSBlonde,

Do you kow if Dr. Khan's office are hiring new RN Grads or it's just LPN and do you kow any other places that are hiring new grad RNS.

Thank you


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What do you consider North Alabama? I work in Birmingham, and there are jobs here. I live about 70 miles NW of here and there's 2 hospitals. Very rural. Very few jobs, unless you are somebody's kid.

The marketing rep that passed me the information said she asked about them hiring an RN and they said it was a possibility. It's worth a shot!

Thank you VSBlonde,

I will call them and ask them like you said it's worth a shot. Once again thank you for the information and please keep me updated of any RN Jobs.

thank you

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Hi I just saw a PRN job positing at the Huntsville Hospital for LPN.

Hope it Helps!!!!!!!!!!