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Prn to part/full time status?


Any of you ever got a prn position and switch over to part/full after being there for a while? im trying to get a prn position at hospital and hopefully I can do 6 months and transfer to a part or full time position.

Missingyou, CNA

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That's how I got most of my jobs. Getting my foot in the door by working PRN/per diem.

Usually took less than 6 months.


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I just accepted a PRN position at a nursing home a couple of weeks ago, and before my orientation was even over the HR guy told me a full time position had opened. Just tell whoever is in charge of hiring that you're happy with PRN, but you'd eventually like to move up to full time and ask if that is a possibility. Most likely they'll remember and let you know when one opens up. Unless the hospital you're working at has an insane retention rate, I doubt it'll even take six months.