what do you do during the day

  1. I am not new to private duty but am to working day shift. I have been working nights. Question, what do you guys do to pass time. I feel guilty if I am not doing something for the child at all times. I am really thinking I did like nights much better. I have a very hard time staying awake so can't do nights anymore. With the economy I feel stuck. How many books can you possibly read an infant under a year. I am not sure what beyond nursing we are required to do. Thanks....
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Besides doing the skilled nursing care, the biggest thing with peds patients is to play with them and keep them mentally and physically occupied. That is why it is easier to work night shift, basically a lot of sitting in a chair and watching them sleep. During the day you have to engage the child to the extent that their medical condition, developmental level, parents' wishes will allow you.
  4. by   Lorie P.
    it can be slow when taking care of an infant. usually i would spend time making up bottles of nursery water for the formula to be added. i kept the nursery stocked with plenty of diapers, wipes, etc. i always made sure the diaper back was ready to go at a moments notice , extra trach, trach supplies, sux catheters, ambu bag was close by. all the little things that one doesn't need unitl it is needed. that way i didn't have to search, things were at my finger tips so to speak.

    made sure the batteries for the sx machine were always charge. changed the sx canisters out prn.

    when pt was awake i would rock her, help her to practice rolling over from back to stomach or vice versa( was shown by pt how to do this). i would play with her by showing her her hands, rom when ever i changed her.

    some days i just watched her sleep, suctioned as needed and other basic nursing duties.

    i did get to read many books, cause some times i wouldn't see my pt for the first 3-4 hrs i was there.

    it does get slow and boring thats for sure. hope this helps!