The patient is great...

  1. but the siblings are another story.

    I am on a case right now where the siblings (there are 5 of them) are loud and obnoxious. I know its not my business to parent,....but where I am having a hard time is the constant noise level. One of the brothers (a young teen) has 2 volumes, loud and louder. I remind them that the apartment has paper thin walls and that their sister needs to sleep so she can grow, develop ect...and it lasts about 3 minutes. The parents screem at the siblings for screaming to prove that screaming is the time my 8 hours are up I almost always have a SCREAMING migraine (haha, no pun intended). patient is trached and I have been working really hard to bring home the point on covering your cough and washing your hands (especially around my pt, as everything turns respitory for her). They are starting to get it, but only with constant reinforcement...

    I am so ready to quit this case, but right now it is my only income. Tips, ideas, thoughts...anyone? The agency is aware of this but there is not much being done, the DON who knew her stuff just left and I feel like the organization is suffering her loss...
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Continue to do what you can and document when you feel you need to. It is tough when you know that the possibilities for another case are none to none. For what it is worth, I feel the same way about my own agency. My patient gets put in the hospital and I don't work for a month. I don't know about the migraine atmosphere though. I think I would actively seek another case even if I had to go to another agency to get it.