Private Duty Nursing

  1. I work in a hospital but also want to do private duty nursing to be my second job. IS that possible. What do i have to do for that? Does anyone know?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Home care jobs can be found in the local newspaper. If you want the benefits of structure and whatever "backup" is avail, as well as the convenience of a regular paycheck with all the deductions taken out by the employer, probably you should go through a home health agency. Many people start out working for a home health agency, then go private duty from there. Good way to get your feet on the ground. Agencies will have a "buy out" clause, if your client wants to buy out your contract. The client pays a fee (a percentage of your yearly agency salary; and you may be required to pay a penalty to your agency). There are advantages/disadvantages to both ways of working in the home. I have done both, and prefer to have an employer. For one thing, I can change cases when I want or need to. Also, there are other personnel to help with problems. Some nurses find home care cases from their hosp jobs: i.e. take care of newborn in NICU, continue w/pt and family when infant goes home, they will work with or without agency, depending on the circumstances. Good luck. Hope you find something that works well for you.