Private Duty LVN/RN Salary - page 2

Hi! I am very much interested in doing private duty nursing and would like to know what is the general pay per hour for LVNs AND RNs, preferably in Southern California? Also, does the pay per... Read More

  1. by   monkeymum
    I'm a new grad in Southern CA and I make $19 an hour, no benefits whatsoever. Better than nothing though.
  2. by   esthaurora

    What is the name of the agency you work for? What area of southern California are you in? Do know if they have any new cases right now? I'm interested. Thanks.
  3. by   Ks mommy nurse
    I've been in home care since I graduated from school. I've made b/w $18-$24 an hour even now on 1099.Honestly I feel stupid not knowing the difference in "private duty" and "home care or home health " nursing? In the begining I used to say I'm a private duty nurse, I was quickly corrected. When I say I'm a HH nurse...where I work with 1 pt only, I get told I'm a private duty nurse. Oh well, I've hopped around different agenicies over the years, just to find full time, right pay, right family. Now have been with this family for 2+ years and somewhat bored of it, so I'm in school again.
  4. by   caliotter3
    All home care delivered in the home setting is home health. Private duty, strictly speaking, is paid for by the client. You are an employee of the client, not of an agency. Many insist that shift work, or continuous care, is called "private duty". I was not taught that in school and most of my employers use the terms shift work or continuous care. I prefer to call employment paid for by the client, true "private duty", because that makes sense. The client hires you "privately" and pays you "privately". He does not rely on a third party to deal with you. No matter what you call it it is still the best kept secret in nursing.