new to private duty, vent/trach questions

  1. I'm very excited to be starting in private duty next week since everyone here has such positive things to say about it. My patient is going to be a bit on the heavy side though, but at least its just one patient. He is a 60 yr old parapalegic as a result of a car accident 30 yrs ago. He just recently became vent dependent after having pneumonia and is returning home from the hospital on the vent. Apparently the family had to change agencies because the old one did not do vents. I've had some vent experience in the hospital, however I was wondering if any of you have a routine that you can share with me, when providing your care with a vent/trach patient at home? What is your typical daily routine like? Thanks for sharing.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    The biggest piece of advice I could offer you at this time is this: Are you going to do trach care at the beginning of the shift, at the end of the shift, or both? Provided you only do the minimum.