Kid keeps pulling out his trach!!!!!

  1. My patient sure knows how to get attention. He pulls on his trach and trach collar. When he gets really mad, he pulls out the whole trach tube!!! He has not pulled out his whole trach tube on me yet. So far, I have been lucky.
    Yikes- How do we stop this little guy from pulling out his trach??? He is moderately developmentally disabled. Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
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  3. by   ventmommy
    What kinds of ties is he using? Can you try twill (I know, it's a pain in the butt) or chains? If you go with chains, make sure the parents put wire cutters by the bed and in the go-bag. The upshot of chains is that they don't have to be changed.
  4. by   Blackcat99
    Thanks ventmommy. He wears the Dale 240 Blue tracheostomy tube holders. They are a latex free soft tie. I have never heard of chains as a tube holder. But it sure sounds like a good idea. I mean this kid has got to keep his trach in somehow.
  5. by   ventmommy
    I used the Dale 240 for my son for a long time. Both twill and chains are latex free. The chains are what soldiers use for their dog tags. You don't have to change them, they are waterproof, they don't get yeasty and gross if the child gets sweaty.

    If you don't want to change the ties, can you put tape around the three velcro areas so he can't get them open?
  6. by   Blackcat99
    Thanks again. I will ask his Mom tomorrow if it is OK for me to tape them up. We always have scissors nearby so we could cut it off quickly if needed.
  7. by   SDALPN
    There are trach tube holders, but ins. doesn't usually pay for them.

    Another trick you can use is to take an old velcro trach tie (please wash it first though) using an end close to the velcro. Cut it about 4 in. (may vary depending on trach size) from the velcro. Then fold the tie in half and cut long ways in the center to make a hole. Then you can place the tie over the trach, guiding the trach through the hole in the tie. Use velcro on either side of the old trach tie to secure it to the trach tie around the pts neck. It will help secure it better. Its also great for vent patients that disconnect frequently too! Hope that helps. Wish I had a picture to make it easier to figure out how to do it.