Having to say goodbye...

  1. Hi there. I will try to make this short. Had to put in my notice today because my family and I are moving from WI to CO due to my mom in law's recent illness. He is from CO. But anyway, no one else in the family can help and we need to be there. I am, however, heartbroken. Just looking for encouraging words. I've been crying all night! Thanks.
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  3. by   Kitiger
    Are you heartbroken because you're leaving dear friends? Or is it because you don't think you'll have a job in CO? Is it the stress of making a huge move?

    I think anyone would have a hard time with all this. Don't let anyone tell you differently. It's a huge change. Cry when you need to cry. But know that you can move forward.

    Isn't it wonderful that the internet can help keep us connected across the nation?

    You have special skills that will help your family. It can be satisfying & pleasing to be able to give skilled home care. And depending on how much care she will need, you may still be able to get a nursing job. You can apply for a CO license.

    You can do this!
  4. by   Neats
    I know we have to part for now But our paths will cross again. I know we'll see each other someday
    I just don't know where or when.
    But we have had some great times
    And our memories I will treasure
    You have brought me happiness much more than I can treasure.

    Moving can be hard...but you will gain some wonderful experiences and your old friends have a new place to visit and you will make new friends.