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So tonight there was a series of events at the home I was working in that led me to this thought. I'm working in a home where the parents are pretty out there. One of the parents has been... Read More

  1. by   SDALPN
    I disagree that most agencies won't tell you if there are roaches. I've been doing this for about 7 years. And any time I've directly asked I've gotten an answer. Worst case being its a new case and they truely don't know. I don't necessarily turn down a case with roaches. But at least I know before I walk in the door what to bring in. I do agree with going with gut instinct!! That has saved me so many times!! Starting a new case most likely next week. I've already been told the home is clean and roach free and that info was volunteered to me (although they do know I'm likely to ask).

    I just wish there was a better way to do things to protect the nurses. You'd think that the agency can be sued if they knew they were putting a nurse in a dangerous situation and that the agency would try to avoid being put in that situation. I know they carry insurance. But I would think that the insurance would increase each time they used it on a nurse that was harmed in the home.
  2. by   Cali22
    WOW...I often wondered about this very thing whenever my Aunt took on a home case. She has encountered many things and told me about them. One thing always stood out about her stories though. She was alive to tell them. She used her better judgement in cases where the situation was potentially dangerous. Anything can happen anywhere and we allow all types of people in our homes and sometimes we enter homes of people we might not know too well, but the moment something looks strange we have an immediate problem that needs to be addressed. Don't go back. In reference to doing a background check, sounds good but it can't determine the future and it won't tell you if a sexual offender is a regular visitor to the home.
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    What a crazy case
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    Quote from Blackcat99
    Glad to hear you got out of that assignment alive. I think it would be nice if all nursing agencies would do "background checks" on the parents. However, most of the agencies I have worked at could care less about the safety of their nurses. They just want the money period and really don't want to hear about any concerns from their nurses.
    I agree that agencies need to. The good parents wouldn't mind and would probably appreciate it. If I only could start my own agency..

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    Now I just wish there was a way to warn other nurses about a family. Too bad HIPPA keeps us from doing that. The patients and families are more protected than we are
    Exactly.... Like, ever hear of the website RateMyProfessor? It would never fly because of HIPPA, but what about US?! Lol:/

    And there is a website where parents can post info and reviews on PDN's. Warning about the bad ones.