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Private Duty Nursing


Okay....with all the snow I am getting I am thinking about becoming a snowbird early in life and heading back to Southwest FL and doing private duty. Now I realize pay will not be good, but tell me...does anyone know best resources to find such jobs. Is there a web site where individuals advertise?


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not really, u will have to check the internet and the yellow pages for agencies and call them to see if they staff private duty/home care. Also they usually advertise in the back of nursing magazines. Maxim healthcare is just about everywhere, and depending on the local office they pay may or may not be reasonable. The Orlando office had a varied pay range depending on the case. The tampa office are sticklers when it comes to pay and try to pay a flat rate for every case (even vent cases and privately insured cases, which should pay more). There is an agency called Brightstar here in Tampa who pays very well for home cases (they were paying LPNs in the mid 20's per hour so I know its more for RNs). Im not sure where their other offices are. They are small thugh so u would probably have to start out filling in and then when they get a new case u can probably get on it regularly. HTH and goodluck!

Thank you! I will check them out.

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