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Mimi2RN, ASN, RN

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Our visiting is much more strict, now. We allow parents and grandparents, and siblings of the baby. No more than two people at the bedside at one time, and one of those must be a parent. After 8pm, it's parents only! We like it, it has cut the noise level tremendously. We do not answer any questions from a grandparent without asking the parent if it's ok to answer.

We do allow substitutes for parent or grandparent, and note that on the rand.

It has been a lot of work, but now staff and parents are getting used to the idea. I like the idea of armbands....then we can't substitute the FOB....for the other possible FOB, or mom's boyfriend. LOL We also have a lot of grandparents.....stepgrandparents....up to a possible eight. Siblings may include mom's kids and dad's kids, as well as full siblings.

One irritation....usually the dad...will sit at his baby's bedside, when the baby is too sick to be picked up. After a while you notice he is paying way too much attention to everything else that is going on in the room. Listening to everything, this becomes a confidentiality issue that we haven't solved. Actually. it's moms too, baby has been fed, is doing much better, it's good time to cuddle for an hour or so. When a family member tells us about something that went on with someone else's baby, we have a problem!

We also kick the parents out if they are falling asleep at the bedside, whether or not they are holding the baby! We've never had one go to ground in the nursery, but it does happen in the pp rooms.

Name cards have date of birth, weight and doc.


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My hospital only allows parents and grandparents in the unit. The grandparents names are listed on the kardex and we have to see an ID for the grandparents. Siblings can come in on Sundays for a max of 30 min. Plus, only 2 people @ a time can be at the bedside.

We have passcodes. If the parents give the passcode to the grandparents, we are allowed to give out info. Otherwise no info is given to anyone other than the parents.

We also don't allow anyone in the unit during shift change.

Mimi2RN, ASN, RN

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We don't allow visitors during shift change, either. Also, if we have a critical situation, with or without a transport team, we have the option of closing the room, no visitors allowed.


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parents can visit anytime except during rounds(might be called to ask questions and voice concerns about their baby,after their baby they are asked to leave the room) and reports.Relatives can`t visit without one of the parents.If possible only 2persons/cot due to infection control risk and the space which could mean poor room ventilation.We tell parents that we are not allowed to answer questions from relatives unless a written permission is provided(same with visiting)If they think there is a need to update their relatives we leave the talking to them.Relatives below 14y/o especially infants are not allowed,we explain to them that their young relatives are at risk of getting infection from an unknown source.Siblings are allowed to visit anytime with parents. I like the idea of not allowing visitors when a very critical situation happens unless it is their own child.One mother shared her experience when her baby was in ICU and there was a dying child,she said that the birth of a very prem infant is too much to take,hearing a baby dying next to her own was giving her horrible thoughts about what will happen to her own child(10years in the making,IVF) even during discharge time the parents are reluctant to leave the hospital because of the trauma she had during the critical days she stayed in the hospital.


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Ours is pretty much the same except No visitors under 16 except sibilings. Hippa has really tightened things up! We don't enforce keeping the band on(have you ever scrubbed in one for ...... days. It must be a sight for infection). But they do get 2 cards with pass code.

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