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Does anyone know if this is a good LPN program?? Or has anyone actually taken the LPN program here?? If not where did you take your LPN classes at??? Thanks for any help in advance !!


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I was in the first LPN class in philly Prism Career Institute and that tution of $22,000 do include everything from books, uniforms, and anything else you can think of the only thing you have coming out of your pocket is lunch and gas money, but otherwise they even pay for you to take the NCLEX.

hey aisha

i am also in prism's LPN program, so far i like it... not too hard.... ok well my question is did u have a hard time finding a job after u graduated? what was ur pay scale after graduation?

thanx in advance.


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No I didn't have a hard time finding a job my pay rate is $27. My other agency rate is $28-$31 depending on what shift you work. What happened to the director JK


my name is toya am i graduated from prism too pn2!!

do u have any job leads? :redpinkhe

jk left shegot a new jos with new courtlands lpn school


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Honestly, I would be careful taken LPN classes at any type of institute whether it be PRISM or any of the others like it. I have had many friends who have gone that route with LPN and CNA classes and it has never worked out as planned. The program is fairly easier and quicker but when your done they dont help you find a job as promised. And if your eventually planning on transferring to a RN or BSN program the institutions you need to apply to, sad to say, tend to look down on those types of institutions because they tend to have "bad reputations." I live in Philly and I take classes at CCC. I would suggest looking into their LPN and/or CNA classes. Thats what I am about to do. There just as easy to get into but they have more accreditation and my one friend who took CNA classes with them found a job within a month. Granted it was a nursing home but shes getting the experience needed to transfer into an RN or BSN program since most of them in this area require at least 1000 hours of working experience. Good Luck!


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as a reply to palexander3512 : i really cant speak for other lpn schools out here in philly. prism does have a great reputation in the field. it is the best lpn school in the city right now. we have the highest nclex pass rate. yes while in school, there were a lot of things that went on in-house. overall it wasnt that bad. we all weathered the storm and came out on top...... prism instructors clinical and classroom......especially clinical(shout out to the BEST clinical instructors EVER!!!!! they made sure we were well prepared for real world and nclex...... so as for these school having a bad rep..... prism does the end we ALL became great nurses.


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Im glad everything worked out for you but trust me when I tell you there are a lot and I mean a lot of people out there that would argue with you. Yes they might have enjoyed the program but honestly I dont care how much fun I have or how nice the instructors are all I care about is where I am going to be working when I am done and a lot of people are stuck with no job offers and huge student loans. Also, I do believe it depends on where your applying for employment because if your looking for work in a nursing home they might be a little more lenient towards where your certification was received and believe it or not trade schools and tech schools are often looked down upon by healthcare employers. Of course this isnt always the case but with the competitive nature of this field I really wouldnt risk it especially if you plan on transferring into a RN or BSN program. But yea there are always exceptions so I encourage you to, before you make any definitive plans, do some more research. I personally like to look up LPN jobs in my area and see what they look for and Id also look up RN and BSN programs to see what there requirements are as well. Many of them just require the degree and experience but there are some that care about where you went to get it. Anyways, good luck and KEEP US

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