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I'm going to start at a prision very soon. I'm a little confused about the dress code. I thought it should be no solid blue, and orange. However, when I received the memo, it stated that " No solid black" on top of orange and I cannot wear my solid black pants??? Really? I mean I don't mind it, I just dont want to spend more money on my scrubs since all my bottom are solid black :(


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We wear white scrub pants w any color scrub top

I think they mean no black top with solid black bottoms- all black

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That usually means you can't wear all black, but black pants with a purple top would be ok. You don't want to be mistaken as an inmate do you?

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I know exactly what you mean blue sky. I don't want to buy scrubs that I won't be able to wear.


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Thanks for everyone's reply. Now got it... :)


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You know, one of the perks I got out of coming to work in the jail as a RN (was a cop before RN) is so that I could start wearing uniforms again and get out of scrubs, lol. Once I finish my Psych NP program I figure I'll have to graduate to business casual or some type of dress clothes though. Me and scrubs just never got along, lol.


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Our prisoners wear a forest green shirt and pants, so we can not wear green. I wear regular scrubs. All my cartoon tops, as long as they are loose enough. As a formeer rehab nurse all of my scrubs are loose anyway.