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Prior experience needed before Pmhnp?

by Cactuskm Cactuskm (New) New

Hello all!

I am a new grad who is working in the ICU. It is alright; however, I always felt I would end up in psych and eventually becoming a psychiatric NP. I just did not go directly into the psych field because many people had warned me it was best to get general bedside experience first. For those of you in psych who have come from a background in the ICU or other field outside of mental health did you feel that experience helped you at all? I would like to also hear from those who went on to receive the Pmhnp 🙂 Thanks in advance

The0Walrus, BSN, RN

Specializes in Psych. Has 2 years experience.

Crazy. I'm trying to get into the ICU LOL medical experience doesn't really help that much I found. They're two different world. Beyond vitals you don't do anything medically related. You don't start IV's because there are needles involved. You don't do foleys in my experience because it doesn't matter that they have urinary retention due to maybe an enlarged prostate. Those patients would be on the medical floors, you don't need so check I/O. There really isn't really any medically related interventions. Still, psych is about patience and working with patients who have mental issues. You have to learn to de-escalate situations, and work with these patients who have a lot of inner conflicts. Psych isn't difficult to get into I don't think. I think there's a need in psych since many people don't want to deal with these patients. I understand people who say that, too, but still you definitely need to know how to work with them. Good luck either way!!

Thanks TheOwalrus, I actually took a psych job a little over a month ago and love it! Yea, not much medical skills needed. There are a few patients who are receiving their maintenance blood pressure medications or diabetics who need insulin but procedure wise, nothing really. So far I don’t regret my decision. I’m much more happier in mental health. Psych has its own set of skills that I’m learning. So hopefully after about another year or so I will start looking to get into pmhnp program. Good luck getting into the ICU setting. The good thing about nursing is there are so many specialties. There is something for everyone.