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okay this has nothing to do with nursing, but i need the advice and support of fellow nurses. I have a history presentation coming up, and I have to talk about the presidencies of Ford and Carter for 75 mins. Every presentation I have seen is always the same (they get up talk about powerpoint, then give notes/worksheet, and then a "review" game) In order for me to get an A i have to be EXTREMELY creative. I'm just way out of ideas. Please, I need your help. I need any creative ideas, anything that could help me. I'd appreciate it.



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i don't know about what kind of a/v set up you have, but how about incorporating some things from pop culture? Can you play some music from that era--disco! How about a white, 3 piece polyester suit! Intersperse your power point slides with famous photos from that era.

You can also check out YouTube, you might be able to find a video to play as an opener, or closer, 2 Wild and Crazy Guys?

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