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Anybody out there have anything to share on prescriptive authority, esp. in Texas, general opinions also sought.


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PA legislature just passed law Nov. 2000 granting CRNP's prescriptive authority. Very informative article at PSNA web site under Hot Topics: includes links to State board information, law published in State Bulletin and implimentation guidelines (which are free to PSNA members) developed by PSNA board member Eric Doerfler, NP.

Here is link for article from PSNA:

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If you are curious about how each state stands on NP regulations, check the January issue of "The Nurse Practitioner" magazine. Their annual 'scope of practice' issue contains a list of how each state stands on scope of practice for APRN's [NP and CNS as well as CRNA and NM]. It's worth a look.

Here in PA, they just started issuing DEA numbers to NP's [i received mine last week], if our practice agreement permits, we can prescribe schedule 2 [for up to 72 hours, M.D. must be made aware within 24 hours], through 5.

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