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hey!! :rolleyes: *ilovenursing!!* i've got a little question!! to those that are familiar with my name, they might know of my ignorance in nursing school. to those who aren't...just click my name!! go ahead...i won't bite *hehe* ok, when i went to my high school's career day earlier in my junior year, i found a nursing table!! you have no idea how many 360s i made trying to find it!! well, i met a wonderful rn from westjeff, a local hospital, and asked her sooooo many things i could think of. i spoke to her practically all day!! my brain was like a sponge. i was soaking every single of her words!! well i had asked her about schooling, and she said that i had to have one year of prerequisites. at that time, i was like, "the heck is a prerequisite?" i do understand the classes and the purposes of them now, but...ok here's the question ---> how many years are the average nurses' prerequisite classes? the lady said one; i thought two. :confused: ?perplexed?

your answers would be so helpful!!!!


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Depending on the school really. My LPN program I had to have 6 credits of english, 4 credits in A&P, intermediate algebra(up to 12 credits depending on where you test), 3 credits of psychology, so that is 1 year. My RN program that is in a different state then my LPN program, I have to have 5 credits Chemistry, 3 physiology, 3 anatomy, 3 ethics, 3 public speaking, 4 in microbiology along with the math and english. So depending how many credits you take a semester it could take 2 years and depending where you test into math. Good luck, it is work the hard work.



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At my college, we need to take 12 classes for prerequisites so they say that students generally apply in the middle of their sophomore year so I think it's about two years, but you need to go full time or around full time to do this. It just depends.:)



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Lina, it all depends on the school that you go to. Usually, one year of prereqs done on a full-time schedule. I know that the ADN program I am applying to requires that you have A&P1 and college algebra completed prior to starting the program, HOWEVER, those students that have finished all of the general and prereq classes will be accepted over students who have not yet finished them. My own plan if I don't get in this semester (as I still have to do microbiology and A&P2 is to get a position as a unit coordinator in one of my local hospitals to get a feel for being on the floor.


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