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Prerequisite for Nursing Programs

by Catherinee Catherinee (New) New


I am currently enrolling for the last of my prerequisite courses before applying for my ABSN(yay!). I see that most programs require Statistics but apparently there are multiple statistics courses. Does any Statistics course meet this requirement?

For example, the school I am taking my prerequisites have Statistics (which requires another math class before I can join) and Statistics and Probability (no requirements).

I am a non degree student so I have the flexibility of applying at other schools but this school already approved my application for the fall semester since I took courses there this Summer.

My school required the general stats course meaning I had to take college algebra before I could take that class. But every school is different. You should talk to an advisor so they can let you know which class will satisfy the requirements.

Check w/ your potential ABSN school(s) because some may say yes to both and another may only accept one.

I find that a good majority want the general statistics course where you should've already taken college algebra as a prerequisite for the stats class. I have seen quite a few schools straight up say they will NOT take a "Business Statistics" course. I'd imagine it doesn't teach or delve into topics needed for nursing.