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Prereq's... So confused!

Hi All,

I'm applying to Northeastern, BC, and MGH for the fall direct-entry program in psych. I'm trying to get one of my prereqs out of the way now, microbio, before taking a couple more this summer. The problem I'm running into is trying to figure out who accepts what. I've been playing email tag with folks at all of these schools, and it's getting kinda old.

I'd like to save money by taking my microbio course at Mass Bay CC. They offer a neat 4 credit, 8-week hybrid option with the lecture online and then 8 weeks of lab in person. Does anyone know if these schools will accept this class?


Your best bet is to call the schools. They are usually pretty welcoming of questions like this. Be prepared with the course title, level, and number of credits.

I have transferred credits from MBCC and every school I've checked with so far will accpet it. I am taking that micro hybrid class this coming semester too! Your safest bet is to check with the schools, but I'm sure they will accept it, the only thing is some schools will only accept a certain amount of transfer classes so if you have already taken that amount you would be wasting money to take another class!

Thanks so much. I finally got in touch with the schools and the class is approved.

@Jd1526: Perhaps we'll be in the same microbio course!!


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