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I checked with community college in bay area and surprisingly i have to take test and start with physics,biology and chemistry, so that nest semester i can take A&P and in total it might take 2 years to finish the pre requisites. Please can any one advice is there faster way to do this and not do GED and physics, chem and biology which i studied 20 years back.

Please advice me?


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You're going to have to retake your chem and bio, and probably A&P and microbio too, to boot. Beyond that, shop around - every community college has different prereq schedules and every nursing program has different prereq lists.

Also, why do you need your GED if you already have a bachelors?

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Did you say in a previous post that you already graduated from med school? Are you sure you want to go to nursing route?

Thanks every one for reply,

I passed med school and after extensive research about my career planing, i was thinking to go for nursing and proceed with MSN. I am not able to get much information about prerequisites like i have to do all the prerequisites or any thing could be waived? I understand nursing is also getting saturated but if some one is passionate, then you can still beat the odds.

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I am utterly confused about this post.

Are you a foreign med-grad? This scenario only makes sense if you're a foreign

med school grad and cannot pass USMLE to practice in the U.S.

If you're passionate about nursing, pick potential programs and do some research. There is no one cookie-cutter answer for all of the nursing programs, even those within the Bay Area.

Good luck.

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You are certainly the first person who went from med school to nurse. I'm so use to hearing people going from nursing to med. However, it is your career choice. Even though nursing is saturated doesn't mean you shouldn't pursue that career. Nurses are in demand in different parts of the country. Since you want the MSN, I wouldn't even bother with the BSN program. Try direct-entry MSN programs.

As far as prerequisites, you need to find a program and speak to the director regarding your classes. It's best that you contact them, they are there to help.

I know my BSN program and many others want your sciences to be taken within 5 years and other prerequisites within 10 years.

Thanks every one for your replies. I did goto foreign medical school and passed USMLE's but i am not able to get into residency program. Its big waste of money and time but i figured out i love medicine and cannot think of any thing else. Being NP would be only way to practice medicine in US.

I did lot of career counseling and medicine is the best profession for me which suits me best. I would like to stay where my passion is irrespective what hardships i will go in future.

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Nursing is NOT medicine. The underlying philosophies are different, though the end goals are the same. The medical model is what you know and hope to practice in. As such, I have to ask: have you considered going through a Physician's Assistant program? You'll be a mid-level practitioner without having had to go through the rigmarole of nursing school first.

If you choose to go the nursing school/nurse practitioner route anyway, you should be able to get many of your prereqs waived if you're a foreign medical school graduate, as they're already on your transcripts somewhere. I'd talk to specific admissions departments about what they'd accept.

Thanks The squire,

I have considered PA program but as compare to NP, PA cannot practice independently which is the main drawback. You have to depend on some doctor to open your clinic. I plan to work in rural area and serve humanity.

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