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Does anyone know of any UK trained nurses who have moved to California (or anywhere in the US) with OGP since the begining of 2008? I'm desperate for a change and really want to move to the States but with the recession, I don't know...

I'm studying for my NCLEX anyways so I have it under my belt, but I wanted to know if anyone has any words of wisdom. OGP seem happy enough to take my money and have me prepare, but in all likelihood, what are the chances of getting a job in the next year to 18 months? What have people's experiences been with emmigrating recently?

Also, presumably I'll be on the salary of a newly qualified nurse when I start. Does anyone know what quality home I can get on that? I'm single and 31, so if posible I would like to avoid renting for too long and buy a place within 2 yrs if I decide I want to stay. How much mortgage is reasonable to expect and again, what quality home/area can I get?

How does paying axes and saving for retiement work? Here in the UK, your monthly salary goes into your account AFTER the government has already taken the taxes and your contribution towards your state pension (you can opt out of the pension thing then you have to make your own arrangements). The state pension is not that much though, so it's wise to have additional savings anyway.

I know there's no guarantee that I'll love it there but in case I do, it'd be good to know how to plan for my future.

Oh, and also what about unions? Here we have 2 main unions that nurses join. They provide us with loads of information and updates from jobs to politics to your rights and so much more; all for a small monthly subscription. More importantly though, if you're ever in trouble and have to go to court, they provide you with legal support/representation without you having to pay a penny. Is it the same there?

Thanks, BJB

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Hi and welcome

There are a few nurses that came over with OPG although different places to CA however what you need to be aware of is retrogression and that is will take much longer currently than 18 months to obtain a immigrant visa and work in the US. Current processing times for the visa bulletin is 2003 and there are many many more already ahead of you in the queue.

I am not saying don't go for it but be prepared for a long long wait plus OPG have a huge cancellation fee