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Preparing for a job in post partum


I'll be transferring from med surg to post partum in about a month. I've been on a med surg floor for 3 years so I don't remember that much from school.

What could I study up on to prepare? Assessment tools, etc?

iPink, BSN, RN

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Congrats! I was a transfer from PCU to Postpartum and have been on my Postpartum unit for more than 3 years. I think your med/surg background will come in handy when having c/s patients. I don't have a book in mind to recommend. I just happen to have all my OB/GYN books from nursing school as reference such as fundal checks and newborn assessments. But the best way to learn is on the job training.

Good luck on your new job.

Core curriculum maternal newborn nursing by matteson. I love that book and starting reading it from day one. It also came in handy for my RNC-MNN certification.


Has 7 years experience.

Heres my assessment highlight tool from school lol


B-reasts (soft/tender/nipple shape/blisters/cracks/pt knowledgeable about manual expression/latch, breastfeeding progress, need lactation referrals?)

U-terus (firm/boggy/where is it in relation to the umbillicus)

B-owel (has she had a BM)

Be ladder (is she voiding)

L-ochia (scant/small/mod/heavy/clots/odor)

E-pisiotomy/laceration (does she have one, is it healing well, is it swollen, signs of hematoma, is she iced, using peri bottle)

H-omans (ok we don't really use humans sign anymore, but you can assess for signs of blood clots, and check reflexes)

E-motions (how is bonding progressing, does she need education or SW referrals for post partum depression/anxiety risk)