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how to prepare

by phyndman phyndman (New) New

I am just about to graduate my nursing program and was curious what the best way to study has been for you graduate NCLEX passes nurses

Congrats for getting to this point. Many NCLEX review courses are available for you to use and all have something useful to gain from depending on what area you feel the need to improve. I used 3 courses Kaplan (good for help on how to answer test questions), Hurst (they do a pretty good content review on the essentials to know on all areas of nursing school), and the NCSBN (Personally, i found that one overwhelming, it reviewed everything in nursing school to the smallest detail, the test questions were tough but helpful if you catch on to how they word their questions and how they expect you to answer). I also saved all of my notes since the start of nursing school and reviewed them from start to finish. I passed on my first try this August with 75 questions, but I definitely feel like I over-studied and overwhelmed myself for nothing. If I can go back, I would focus on answering test questions, do a content review on only the essentials, and put a 1 month limit on preparing. It will be impossible to know everything, just do your best and I'm sure you will do well (so far for 2016, according to NCSBN the passing rate for first timers is 85%). Happy studying. I made an app with a lot of good phamacology content that I compiled while preparing for my NCLEX. Check it out, i'm sure you can benefit from it, its called NCLEX Drug Study Guide (It's free). It's on facebook, instagram, our webpage and app stores.

UWorld is great. Recommended it to classmates who failed the 1st time and they passed with flying colors on their retake