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What's the best way to prep for LPN School? Should I use UWorld and UWorld medmath? Should I buy a Saunders NCLEX PN book? Separate pharmacology book? Any advice would be appreciated. I'm currently pursuing my EMT certification and after I complete that I might consider lpn school. 



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The two things I would recommend would be to make sure you are very strong in anatomy and physiology and consider a medical terminology course.  You can find many free or low cost resources for both of these.  Knowing your A&P will make it easier to understand disease processes and related symptoms.  And nursing students spend a tremendous amount of time learning medical/nursing terminology so having a head start on this would be beneficial.  You will need both of these much more in depth than you will with your EMT certification so keep building on what you are currently learning.

Hopefully that helps and best of luck with your EMT certification!

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Yes the above commenter is spot on I wish I would’ve studied UWorld too… MedSurg wouldn’t have been so foreign to of luck 



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LPN School is a school that offers LPN programs and courses to help you become a licensed practical nurse. These schools are often accredited by educational and medical boards to offer certified LPN programs. You can expect the following from your LPN school if you are interested in becoming an LPN.

Faculty members must have a wealth of experience and be knowledgeable.

A school must have a strong placement record.


Teaching must be practical

The nursing institute must offer the opportunity for internship

The school must have practical labs.


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Most definitely start with math !