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Hi everyone,

I have been working in a SNF for 2 years. This was my first nursing job and then I added a per diem schedule through an agency. I am now expecting and recently a position came up in a facility that I am very interested in. I have applied and got my first call back, which turned into a phone interview. It went well and the recruiter has scheduled me to move on to the next phase of the interview process. I have no doubt in my ability to get the job, based on their requirements and my skills, however my concern is whether or not being pregnant will be a deal breaker. I did not mention it to the recruiter, should I have done so? Is this a good time to be transitioning in my career, and has anyone had a similar experience?

I'm really excited about this job, and really hope that the fact that I am expecting won't be an issue.

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Legally, they cannot discriminate against a pregnant woman. However, that can be hard to prove. That being said, what would be my primary concern if it were me would be eligibility for FMLA. By changing jobs (unless you remain with the same employer in a different position), you will have to start over for FMLA eligibility, which means 12 months of employment. Without FMLA, you do not have any job protection while you are on maternity leave- it's all up to what the employer will do. Make sure that if a decision needs to be made that you are considering all angles.


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Hi Rose,

Thank you for the feedback. In all honesty I have thought about fmla, but I haven't reallt THOUGHT about it, if you know what I mean. I've been so focused on securing the job first and then figuring out the rest after.

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Do you appear pregnant? It's illegal for the recruiter to ask about children, pregnancy, etc. and you are under no legal obligation to tell them.

We interviewed a nurse once, I think she was wearing a blazer, and didn't notice any unusual appearance. But, when she showed up for orientation about a month or so later, she was definitely sporting at least an 11" softball under her scrubs. She earned a couple of raised eyebrows for surprising us, but that was it. Such is life. We were expecting an excellent nurse, and that's what we got. It was a big enough organization, and someone was pretty much always pregnant, so it was no big deal.


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Hi ChicagoRN

I am 29 weeks and barely showing, so it isn't easy to tell. I have the face to face today so I will see how it goes. Thanks for responding