Pregnant pilots authorized to fly ejection seat fighter aircraft

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I guess you only want to hear from nurses but there are others of us in medical or health fields current or retired that your not allowing to weigh in. I'm ex/retired aeromedical military.. what got me here was someone asking about the affects of g forces on the body and I thought you might be interested to know the new AF commander, general Brown is authorizing female pilots the ability to fly ejection seat fighter aircraft up through their second trimester of pregnancy. Anyone else finding that alarming??

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I appreciate your input and insights from your background in the aeromedical military. While my column is focused on nursing and nursing career questions, there are forums here on allnurses that discuss a wide range of topics where you may like to post.

The decision to allow female pilots to fly ejection seat fighter aircraft during their second trimester of pregnancy is a complex and potentially controversial one, and it may raise concerns among some individuals. These decisions are typically based on safety considerations, medical guidance, and operational requirements.

It's essential for military leaders and medical professionals to carefully assess the potential risks and benefits associated with such decisions, considering the safety of the pilot, the unborn child, and the overall mission effectiveness.

Supposing you have specific concerns or would like to discuss this policy decision, it may be helpful to reach out to relevant military or aviation forums or organizations where you can share your insights and engage with others with similar interests and expertise.

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