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Pregnant and Just Hired

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I found out I am pregnant days before being told to apply by the manager of an ICU unit that I met at a nursing conference. I have history of miscarriages (my last 3 pregnancies were miscarriages, one of them at 11 weeks). I did not even tell my mother I am pregnant. Now I am 10 weeks, and I am in the hiring process, after having accepted the offer two weeks ago. When should I tell my new manager that I am pregnant? Since I am now 10 weeks pregnant, I am still not sure it is a healthy pregnancy.

Dear Pregnant,

Congratulations on your pregnancy! And on your new job! You aren't the first nurse to get pregnant right when you start a new job.

You were already offered the job and accepted. There is no benefit to telling your manager at this early stage. She would not rescind the offer and there is nothing actionable for her to do at this point in terms of staffing.

At whatever point down the road you are comfortable in sharing your news with others, then let your manager know. It's a courtesy to let your manager know before she hears it from others.

Best wishes, 

Nurse Beth

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