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Pregnant caring for covid19 patients

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Hi everyone, just wanted to hear your thoughts on being pregnant and caring for these patients. It worries me because of the little data we have and the shortage of PPE. Appreciate your advice, thanks!


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I’m interested too. I work in the ED and am 26 weeks pregnant. Normally, I wouldn’t be concerned about the exposure. In fact, I wasn’t concerned up until a few days ago. Now I’m wondering if it’s smart of me to expose my baby—should I ask for 2 weeks off and dig into my maternity leave? 🤷‍♀️

My thoughts are that you need to contact your obstetric health professional...


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I’m pregnant too! I’m curious to hear if facilities are doing anything to protect their workers


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I'm 24 weeks pregnant and refusing to care for covid patients in the ICU. My request for a transfer to a noncovid floor has been met with a lot of pushback and I had to contact lawyers, my union VP of nurses, OSHA, hospital administration. And after one rejected accommodation from my OB another has been submitted and is under review. The first time they basically told me they couldn't help me and I needed to go on leave. My OB refused to approve short term disability because I am still able to physically work. The director of my unit called me.selfish and told me to handle my situation with HR because she will not be able to predict what patients I will get next time I come in. It's been like this for weeks. I cry constantly because of all the crazy stories I hear about pregnant women vented and needing emergency c sections and preterm labor and hemorrhaging after c sections in covid positive mothers. Not to mention isolation from my newborn or being afraid to breastfeed or be close to him because newborns are dying from covid. I really wish I was able to quit