Pregnancy if RN-Masters program??

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So I saw a post regarding getting pregnancy during nursing school or after getting hired...I was wondering if I could get some input regarding the RN to Masters programs. I already planned on going back to school on a part-time basis after I had the 2 years necessary work experience. How difficult would it be to start my RN to Masters program with a young child

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Well I've never had a baby, but I have been getting my Masters working full time (3 shiftsx12 hours) as a single Dad. Totally doable if you are motivated, especially if your Masters is available online. It's been an awesome experience and I'm so glad I did it. Of course I don't really like free time. Feel free to message me if you need more info.

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I've not been pregnant, but I've been raising 6 kids while in a masters program. Let me tell you, kids with "a will and a way" are much harder than babies, so if I can do it it with 6 ranging from 5-19, you can have one baby that can be put in a playpen or otherwise corralled! ;-)

Honestly, I think the most important issue about returning to school is to have (emotional and financial) stability in your life, and a network of friends/support system. The details are not hypercritical.

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Well... I work full time and already started my Masters full time... My baby is 7 months old... I find it very hard to study at home. I don't want to leave because I already miss him too much and feel like I'm never home between school and work, but you gotta do what you gotta do. So ya finding time to study is the challenge. My dilemma is now should I wait till after school and some work experience to have my second , they will be 3 years apart, that's alot Or should I have a baby right before clinicals start next fall lol ... I would have to get pregnant this month or next month lol... Decisions

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