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I am a new nurse that is 17 weeks along with my 4th baby. 2 weeks ago I started having abnormal bleeding, but no cramping. My doc told me to come in for an u/s and they did a transvaginal and took some pics. My doc says that I have an "abnormal tissue growth behind the placenta" and that I need to take it really easy. No more work, unless its light duty, no sex, etc. The heavy, red bleeding lasted about 3 days and then has tapered off. All I have now is I pass small clots and spot, but it is brown and mucous like, kinda like the last day of your period would be. My OB/GYN has put me on chromagen daily. He said that the bleeding can come back at any time if I don't take it easy. He also said that if the active bleeding comes back, he will put me on strict bedrest and order a level II ultrasound with a high risk specialist.

My question is for an experienced RN who specializes in this kind of area. What could all this be about? I am kind of confused as to whats going. I do have another appointment in a week.

Thanks for your time!

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I'm sure the mods are going to close this. Given medical advice is out of our scope of practice. Do what your doc says.

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I'm sorry but we can't provide medical advice. Please discuss your concerns with your provider. Good look.

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