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hello. i was hired 3 weeks ago by a home care agency. i am 6 mos pregnant, and no one could tell when i signed up 5 weeks ago and did orientation. i was on orientation on a case for 4 hours with another nurse who asked if i was pregnant, and i said yes 6 mos.{pt is 35 lbs, no big deal, not heavy at all} i did not want the office to know but somehow, they called me about something and he said "you are pregnant, right?" it had nothing to do with the conversation. he just came out and said it that way. i just wanted to know why that nurse felt the need to tell them my personal business.

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I almost took a job with an agency. They wanted extensive personal health information. Even with pediatric patients who will not be a challenge to transfer or lift, they want to make absolutely sure you can do the job and no issues will get in the way. The process was way more involved than I had imagined.

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Hmmmm I dont understand why the other nurse felt it was her job to tell the agency your buissness?? I could see if you were having a hard time or whatever her saying something to act as an advocate for the pt but it is not her place to open her mouth IMO.That is your own personal issue.I worked as a CNA when I was pregnant and used a hoyer lift ect and worked 40 hrs a week with a mentally handicapped child while I was 7 months pregnant.I didnt say anything to anyone until I started to show.The family and my agency knew towards the end and noone said I couldnt work or anything.They just told me not to push myself ect.Honestly IMO I do not see why you couldnt work until you give birth as a nurse on a homecare case.Im sure you will know what you can handle and what you cannot.Good luck to you!

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