Preference on selecting Applicants at OU (to current and past applicants)


To current and past applicants does anyone have any info on the selection process for OUHSC Nursing Program at OKC/Tulsa/and Duncan? If anyone is already in the nursing program can anyone list their stats or others they have heard when they applied and got accepted/rejected? I'll just list down some questions in order and if you can answer any of them please do so. I am currently in the process of awaiting my acceptance/rejection into both ABSN/BSN programs for the 2013 year. For some info about me and my situation: My overall cum. GPA is a 3.4, total transfer cum. 3.6, and OU institution cum. is 3.2 (all rounded but very close). I am graduating in Spring 2013 with a standard Microbiology degree. My science cum. on my application is a 2.8 (Majority of science are from upper division 3000/4000). In case I get rejected I will be reapplying again for the next year so this post would be informative.

Is there is any preference for M/F?

I'm male

If there is a preference on cumulative prerequisite gpa, overall gpa, cumulative prerequisite gpa, or overall science gpa?

My cumulative science pre-reqs for nursing are excellent, but my other science courses for my Microbiology/Health Program degree courses ranges from mostly in the "B" area. Dropped one upper division course in the past.

Is upper/lower division science courses compared upon applicants? For example someone with an English degree can have a 4.0 science cum. just by simply taking purely the pre-req courses, but in my case I have an excellent pre-req science as well ,but the application process included all of my other science courses which lowered my cum. science gpa. Which essentially looks more competitive.

Is reviewing applicants based on rolling admission , or is everyone reviewed on an equal level whoever applied on time that year? Pretty sure its not rolling admission, but just to make sure.

Has anyone been accepted before finishing all their pre-req for nursing into the ABSN/BSN?

Is there a higher percent chance of acceptance for a certain degree? For example Zoology vs Microbiology vs History vs Communication degree vs bachelors of science vs ect. Medical school has a preference for Zoo and Micro majors.

Has anyone gotten in with a low GPA and if you did what was your situation?

Does OUHSC for nursing guaranteed a spot for applying in a second cycle? For example applied for 2013, got reject. Applied for 2014, and got accepted early on.

Are LPNs looked over regular applicants?

Is thier an affirmative action/ certain amount of minority they must accept?

If anyone has any other questions please posts. It would help out alot.


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Is there is any preference for M/F?

I'm male

I would think preference given to males or females would be discrimination. I believe all programs operate on some sort of point system..

Are LPNs looked over regular applicants?

LPN/RN applicants are technically in a separate program.. The admission criteria for that program is different than that of the traditional and accelerated program.

You can call the advisor and speak with them over the phone. She will answer all questions you have.. I don't have to many answers but I hope this helps..

I know that the science gpa is highly considered, as well as overall cumulative gpa. The thing with the science GPA is that they only calculate in Chemistry, MBio, Anatomy and Physiology, so they only calculate the science GPA from those courses. They look at all the classes you've taken, not just the prerequisites for their program. They don't have an academic forgiveness program, and don't look at last 60 hours like some other programs do, so your overall GPA with every grade will be counted in. Most don't get in without 3.5 or higher, but of course there are those a bit outside that range. They don't really have a gender preference, they base everything on GPA. You don't have to have a degree to get in so no preference there but a previous degree wouldn't matter either as long as all your prereqs are done. Applying for a second time makes no difference, they still decide based on GPA. Usually they base accepted applicants upon all applicant data for that semester.


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That's some good news. I was very worried with my overall science gpa because the upper division lectures/lab have been kicking my butt (alot of B's and few A's). The science pre-reqs were fairly simple compared to upper division. I'm surprise they don't look at the last 60 hours (I believe PA and pharmacy school does) so I am assuming that if you could not get into nursing school at OU the first time then your basically done and shouldn't apply again. It would just be difficult to raise one's cumulative/science gpa in one year since grades are basically locked in junior/senior year. Thank you so much for your help and comment.