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Preemployment Drug Testing -Med Tox


Does anyone know what the cut off level is for THC for a preemployment drug test via MedTox? MedTox website says 50ng, but could it be possible that it could be 25 Ng? Can employers choose cut off levels?

Doing research for an article I am helping write.

roser13, ASN, RN

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If you're writing an article, your sources need to be more solid than quoting anonymous folks on an online forum. Keep in mind that anyone can post here as a "nurse."

Thanks. I have solid sources, and will continue to research if anyone replies with useful information so I can check credibility. Just using all aspects of the internet... any bit of information or ideas is helpful. Not going to quote anyone here... I just enjoy brainstorming :]

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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I'm curious as to what type of article you are writing as a brand new 'just passed the NCLEX' nurse? And why specific lab results from one particular lab? Beause this is usually a question that people who use post wondering if they can get hired as a nurse while using.

Kinda makes me go hmmm......

I said I was helping someone else

with marijuana laws changing, it is about if there will be a laboratory changes that will come along with it

and no, I am not looking to do as you suggested

Nevermind you guys...didn't want to get judged for being curious

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, MSN, RN

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There is a cutoff for what is considered a negative result (e.g., any BAC

Keep in mind that just because marijuana laws are being passed doesn't mean that laboratories have to change their criteria. Nor do employers have to give marijuana use their blessing. They're free to take action against any employee/applicant that fails their drug test, regardless of whether the drugs tested for are legalized. After all, alcohol is legal, but I guarantee you that if you pop positive for ETOH on a work drug test, you'll be facing disciplinary action from your employer.

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